About Essence Thai Spa


We have been in the Thai Massage our entire careers, working first in Thailand, then the Middle East Now, after nearly 20 years in her practice, opening our own first spa in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco and our 2nd spa in San Diego, CA.

Nothing finer than an oil massage from a Thai Lady. Combining Thai talent and softness of Swedish technique. An experience you will keep coming back for.

Wearing loose fitting pajamas, the techniques used are far and away superior to Western style massage, Blending stretching and somewhat stronger than a Swedish massage. Perfect to work out those pesky knots in your back.

Thai massage using Steamed Herbal Ball, for the ultimate relaxing massage, with amazingly healthful results. Give it a try and sense the difference.


Established in 2014.
It is told, that Thai massage was created more than 2500 years ago, by the personal doctor of Buddha,master Jivaka. Therefore, meditation has a great influence on this massage technique, that addresses energy through the stimulation of the Sen lines or paths. The body through muscle stretches, and the spirit by means of yoga.

The Energy Theory is based on the balance among the four elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire,on the free flow of energy between specific point of the body. Out of the lines that run through our body, we going to focus on the 10 principal channels, Sen Sib, that are represented in the following graph. Each of these energy lines, that have their distinct name and route, is related to the functioning of one or various organs. Its free flow and balance conditions our physical and mental health. The veracity of this theory cannot be proved, nevertheless the positive response to stimulation through the different massage technique is obvious!