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ESSENCE THAI SPA offers a huge variety of healthy and healing massages and therapeutic treatments from Thai massage and body holistic massage to body scrubs & combo massages.
Our team is comprised of trained practitioners & therapists who have diverse knowledge and experience in Thai bodywork field. They use combination of modalities for your specific needs.

Having significant experience, dedicated team and wide range of healing treatments, ESSENCE THAI SPA is the best  spa in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego

 Our dedicated experts specialize in classic Thai massage, herbal Thai massage and foot reflexology. We use ancient healing techniques and treatments which increase the wellbeing by stretching the entire body.

In Herbal Thai massage, we use unique combination of herbs, heat and aromatic scent. It helps you to reduce muscular tension, stimulate lymphatic the system and increases blood circulation. By receiving foot reflexology treatments from our practitioners, you will find it relaxing & beneficial for internal health and improve mobility.

When it comes to holistic body massage, we offer Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, hot stone and many more. These massage and therapeutic treatments will surely restore your mind & body with a relaxing touch.

 Also our sugar & salt body scrubs and combination of massages suit your individual specifications. Our goal is to provide you the healthy & healing treatments in the most comfortable spa in San Francisco.

Our experts provide you healthy and relaxing treatments in professional and comfortable environment. We assure you that after treatment you will be refreshed and relaxed with an unforgettable experience to take with you.
We also offer attractive massage packages for your comfort. ESSENCE THAI SPA is committed to provide you exceptional customer services at competitive prices.

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