Foot Reflexology Massage

In our foot reflexology massage bay area, helps to leave a direct effect on certain organs in the body, by stimulating and massaging the reflex points on the feet. Foot reflexology massage will help and encourage internal organs to detoxify and discharge stored stress and tension; and energy is encouraged to stream freely. Our massage therapists have years of experience to provide the foot reflexology massage to encourage wellness in other parts of the body.

Benefits of foot reflexology massage

There are several benefits of our foot reflexology massage bay area, massage like:

  • It helps to stimulate nerve function

  • Foot reflexology will help to increase the energy levels

  • Helps in blood circulation in different parts of the body

  • Foot reflexology massage will help you to release stress and allows you to be in a deep state of relaxation

  • Foot reflexology will help to eliminate toxins from the body

  • It helps to reduce sleep disorders

  • Foot reflexology massage helps to relief depression and stress

  • Foot reflexology massage helps in to reduce the swelling of the feet, which occurs especially during pregnancy we have provided our services to several clients, but to be on the safer side; we always suggested our client to consult their gynecologists.

Our foot reflexology massage, session

Our massage therapists know and have the expertise to identify the needs of every single client. Our massage therapists of our foot reflexology massage bay area; will begin the massage session by inquiring the client and begin by examining the feet for open wounds, rashes, sores, plantar warts or bunions and will inquire you about any foot or leg pain. Our message session lasts up to 30 to 60 minutes as per the requirement of our client. Book your foot reflexology massage today with us.


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