Traditional Thai massage for Reducing Stress in San Francisco

The health benefits of a Thai massage are numerous and every time you receive a Thai massage your body will thank you. There are several other types of massage but Thai massage is quite different and has different benefits. Thai massage will leave your body energized rather than relaxed. ESSENCE THAI SPA offers the Traditional Thai massage san Francisco, book your appointment right now and you will feel the how beneficial it is for your body.

Thai massage has been there since centuries providing its holistic benefits to relieving aches, pains and stress. It has capacity to deliver general health and well being while you avail it. Traditional Thai massage san Francisco, activates the free flow of energy and improves and promotes the fluid circulation, good digestion, breathing capacity, body posture, flexibility, as well as releasing nervous tension that you might be having.

Boosts energy levels

The Thai massage technique is based on the concept of energy lines and most of the massage practitioners believe that these energy lines or channels are present within the body. According to this theory the tight muscles cause blockages within different energy lines and these blockages reduce the flow of life energy, which results in stiffness, pain, and illness. Thai massage uses different techniques that either open or compress different energy lines to correct the flow of life energy, which eventually boosts the energy levels.

Improves the blood circulation

Thai massage promotes the circulation of blood through the use of gentle stretches. These stretches help to increase the blood circulation, which fills the body's tissues with oxygen and this helps to promote cell growth and heart health.

It helps to lower the stress levels

Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques and helps to relax the body. During this massage you won’t be passive; the person who is performing a Thai Massage will knead and press your muscles and by that you will stretch and twist your whole body during this process, which ultimately provide you with all the benefits of this specific type of massage.

Thai massage is of the very ancient way to heal your body’s systems with the different techniques of acupressure and different postures and poses of yoga. Rather than rubbing and massaging oil on your body like other techniques this method involves a lot of stretching and pulling. By the help of these yoga postures you will be able to achieve joint mobilization and muscle compression. It is a very good way to relief your muscles from aching and paining and eventually it will help you to have increased blood flow and overall well being.