Traditional Thai massage for Reducing Stress in San Francisco

The health benefits of a Thai massage are numerous and every time you receive a Thai massage your body will thank you. There are several other types of massage but Thai massage is quite different and has different benefits. Thai massage will leave your body energized rather than relaxed. ESSENCE THAI SPA offers the Traditional Thai massage san Francisco, book your appointment right now and you will feel the how beneficial it is for your body. Read More

Foot reflexology for improved blood circulation

Now a day’s people do realize the importance and results of reflexology. Foot reflexology massage bay area is one of the most effective ways to help to reduce the levels of stress which eventually helps the body to heal and initiate the regeneration process. At ESSENCE THAI SPA our reflexologist’s will apply pressure in specific areas of the feet resulting in calming and relaxing feeling. Foot reflexology provides several physiological benefits and as well helps promote good health. Foot reflexology has been in practice from several years now and which works on the principal that our feet contains several reflex points which responds to different organs and parts of our body. Read More